Nov 27 2010

Visine And Lumigan

Visine And Lumigan, Acquiring the knowledge of the market isn't difficult for anyone with average intelligence after a few years of hard study in the market. But it is neither the level of intelligence nor the knowledge that decides the result of the market operations of a trader. it is the decision making process that is so hard for most traders to overcome and that is the main reason for a success or a failure for all the traders. Some find it simple to make decisions and stick to it and most find it so hard to make decisions and stick to it, Visine And Lumigan coupon. regrettably, any decision making process in trading is a pain-taking process and humans tend to keep away from pains and go for pleasures even if for temporary ones. Assuming one has acquired market knowledge and acquired one's proven trading process (this is the second most important element of success in trading, in fact, Visine And Lumigan. 200mg Visine And Lumigan, An edge in any process is based on the quality of information one has, charts being only an info of secondary quality not the best one)

You must modify your mental attitude first from a traditional person to that of a speculator. all traders i have met, except a few successful ones who really made millions and billions trading in the market, 30mg Visine And Lumigan, basically waste all their time trying to learn the simplest part in perfection, like about how to read data and charts, Visine And Lumigan craiglist, and trying to ideal entry and exit skills, etc. Trading is a mind game and without having a right frame of mind, it is a losing game even before it starts, 150mg Visine And Lumigan. Training a trader's mind is the first step for any successful trader but all new traders neglect that part and that explains why more than 95% of traders are a failure in the long run.

Through studies and research, a trader faces the task of making decisions to put this knowledge and process in to practice. Visine And Lumigan, Then, how lots of traders can honestly say they can commit their ranch when the trade is suggested by their own process (given that trading is a chance game) and let the profit run for weeks and months when their process tells them, and how lots of can manage to cut the loss as a routine process when the situation arise. Visine And Lumigan japan, It all sounds so simple when saying it but so difficult when doing it affecting actual money in the market. I still do not sleep well when I'm jogging position because even if the profits are jogging in to a few hundred dollars and the process is telling you to carryover on, there is no guarantee that the profit will turn in to a yard or three in a month time, and it may even turn in to a loss in a day or three when something unexpected happens, Visine And Lumigan australia. A painstaking process in actual sense. The pain isn't knowing what will happen in the future and in fear of losing. So at the end of the day, assuming one has first rate trading process and market knowledge and first rate info, it is ultimately how disciplined and how well that trader can take the pain of making right decisions at the right time that decides the result of the trades, Visine And Lumigan. Visine And Lumigan overseas, Hence I call trading a mind game. When I interview potential young traders, I always look for disciplined and strong-willed person as my first priority as long as one has first rate schooling, but strangely in lots of cases, Visine And Lumigan mexico, it is some kind of genius or half-genius with lots of brains with no disciplines who turn up for an interview thinking only bright people can make nice traders.

In fact, I always try to pyramid while position trading medium-term once i'm satisfied of a new medium-term trend emerging. Visine And Lumigan ebay, Like in USD/JPY position trading 135-132 as an initial position, adding in 132 and 129 areas. Same for AUD/USD and EUR/USD with similar strategies. Visine And Lumigan, But sitting on positions and watching the counter-rallies costing truck load of money isn't simple job to do and causes lots of pain on a regular basis. Most traders even among experienced ones cannot bear that pain and quit early. But there is no other way to make a large money and they must bite the bullet and "sit and accumulate" as long as the medium-term trend is intact. That is why I always think psychological aspects of trading is far more important than anything else in successful trading. A mind game like those bluffing game of poker.

Entries and exits can seldom be "irrelevant" for any trader for any purpose. it is that psychological aspects of trading are much more important than entries and exits, and decisive for the success or failure of a trader in the long run. perhaps exits are more important than entries because any ideal or near-perfect entries are possible only in hindsight.

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